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Moe Day Sale!



It’s Moe Day and to celebrate we’re having a flash sale on some of our moe-game titles!

I’m sure you’re wondering why October 10th is Moe Day. Well, it’s a bit of a visual gag:

In Japanese, the word ‘moe’ is written like this: 萌

And October 10th is written like this: 十月十日

It’s a little…

Oct 8


Aoi Honoo is an autobiography of Kazuhiko Shimamoto.
He was filled with energy and had a hot mind.
Shimamoto is hotter than a show.

The Japanese All Middle-age OTAKU loves Shimamoto.

Oct 6

JoJonium 12 - Hirohiko Araki Speaks About Character Creation - Kn


Sorry for skipping around but this TRUTH BOMB CAN’T BE DELAYED FROM PUBLIC RELEASE.
*TL note: Gentle readers, you may be asking, “how can Noriaki be read as Tenmei?” The answer lies in the fact that kanji often has two readings: on-yomi and kun-yomi. I could ramble on forever resulting…
Oct 1


This scene where Takeda meets Anno and Yamaga was also described in Yasuhiro Takeda’s The Notenki Memoirs: Studio Gainax and the men who created Evangelion:

They had both just enrolled in the Osaka University of Arts.

I had very little interest in anime back then, so I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular. When I was introduced to Anno, I said something like, “They say you can make anime. What kind of stuff can you do?” At this, he whipped out a pad of accounting paper and started drawing. After a bit, he held the pad up and flipped the pages rapidly. A Powered Suit ran across the paper.

I was stunned. I remember thinking, This guy’s incredible! It’s hard enough drawing a single Powered Suit with all the lines and complex shapes, but here he was animating one right in front of us. I’d seen a flipbook comic before, but this was the first time I’d watched someone actually make one. And for something he had just drawn up on the spot, it was really, really good.

That settled it - we were doing an anime for the opening film. And while Sawamura and I were getting all fired up and excited, Yamaga, who was sitting next to us, leaned back too far in his chair and crashed to the floor. The table was in chaos.

“What happened‽” we cried, scrambling to help him back up. “Are you alright?”

His response: “I had the hiccups, so I was holding my breath to get rid of them. I guess I forgot to breathe again.”

A man who can make Powered Suits moves, and another who collapses because he forgot to breathe. What a pair! It was a meeting I’ll never forget.

As the ending of that episode revealed, the real Hiroyuki Yamaga made a cameo as one of the waiters who helped Yamaga. It should be quite amusing to have one of your most embarrassing moments being reenacted in a TV show and act as an extra during it:


Oct 1

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Animator: ●Yutaka Nakamura//●Bahi JD
アニメーター: ●中村 豊 //●バヒ・JD

Space Dandy #26.スペース☆ダンディ


Live A Live, Super Famicom.


Live A Live, Super Famicom.

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gentlemen you can’t frot in here, this is the war room


gentlemen you can’t frot in here, this is the war room